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EP 1 Review — Origivation Magazine

A happy place between indie rock and folk[…] powerhouse vocals, dreamy harmonies, dominating cello and violin interjections and good ol’ fashion guitar picking. Full text here
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Presenting: Blow The House Down

Finally! The new and improved video of Blow The House Down is up over at YouTube! We played a really fun show over the weekend at a big, freezing cold barn near Worcester, MA, and documented our efforts with audio and video, now up for your viewing/listening pleasure. Stay tuned for more excerpts from the [...] Read more »
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EP 1 Review — Stereo Subversion

The content…varies from tales of love to loss, of courage to cowardice, of redemption to regret; they don’t stick to the sugary sweet high points of life, but they don’t dwell in the dumps either, they just recognize that the two can—and do—co-exist. Full article here
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