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Spoiler Alert!

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A Spring Mixtape

This year, if only in my hopeful imagination, Spring has arrived early. In honor of the impending shift in seasons, this here mixtape features tunes that fall on the more hopeful, springier side of my musical leanings. Which is not to say I’m going “Everything’s Coming Up Roses” on you. Some of these are still [...] Read more »
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Better Times

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A Picturesque Mixtape

We’ve been saying “thank you” a lot this week, to our many fans who are helping us out in the ongoing SXSW showcase competition. In keeping with the spirit of the season, here’s a “thank you” mixtape dedicated to the photographers who have generously and repeatedly volunteered their time and talents to our cause. 1. Brooke [...] Read more »
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EP 1 Review — New Haven Advocate

Expertly played, arranged with considerable nuance, and constantly shifting in dynamic, this EP demonstrates a lot of ideas in the span of only six songs, and even at its compositional weak points, the band’s technical skill makes it all sound fresh and immediate… Full article here.
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A Rhythmic Mixtape

As a drummer, I thought it would be fitting to approach a mixtape from a rhythmic perspective. I’ve chosen the following thirteen songs out of the hundreds (thousands? gazillions?) that have influenced the way I think about rhythm, and in turn inform the way I play the songs that we write. I’ve been wearing out [...] Read more »
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