A Spring Mixtape

This year, if only in my hopeful imagination, Spring has arrived early. In honor of the impending shift in seasons, this here mixtape features tunes that fall on the more hopeful, springier side of my musical leanings. Which is not to say I’m going “Everything’s Coming Up Roses” on you. Some of these are still slow or even sad.  Often, my favorite songs tend to orient me toward the past.

But sometimes toward the end of a long winter I appreciate a little nudge forward…

Enjoy listening to the streaming mix over at 8tracks.com!  Remember, you can only skip a few tracks before they cut you off, so this is best experienced as a whole.

1. Pepper Rabbit– “Older Brother” (Beuregard)
2. Beirut– “Nantes” (The Flying Club Cup)
3. Vampire Weekend– “I Think Ur a Contra” (Contra)
4. The Turtles– Happy Together (Happy Together)
5. Bright Eyes– “First Day of My Life” (I’m Wide Awake It’s Morning)
6. Fleet Foxes– “Blue Ridge Mountains” (Fleet Foxes)
7. Stornoway– “Zorbing” (Beachcomber’s Windowsill)
8. Yellowbirds– “Beneath The Reach of Light” (The Color)
9. Dawes– “When My Time Comes” (North Hills)
10. Morning Benders– “Excuses” (Big Echo)
11. Punch Brothers– “This Is the Song” (Antifogmatic)

*Upon completion of the track list, I just realized that the title has a secret (i.e. unintentional) double meaning. Yesterday, I got the “spring” reverb tank on my amplifier fixed, which means happy guitar times for me in the coming weeks of songwriting.  Helloooooo spring!

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