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Feature Article — OurStage Magazine

Not all who pick up a violin end up in the orchestra pit. Rock music claims its fair share of classically trained musicians, especially those wielding a stringed instrument. Darlingside has a couple among their ranks, namely a cellist and violinist… Read the full writeup here.
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Sennheiser’s HearIAm Contest Press Release

Audio specialist Sennheiser announced the completion of the final two phases of its HearIAm initiative, as winning artists took the stage at major music festivals in Toronto and in Austin this month. […] Darlingside served up their unique brand of ‘string rock’ to a capacity crowd at The Stage on Sixth in Austin last week. [...] Read more »
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A Shirt for Every Emotion

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Frequently Asked

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A Singular Mixtape

These songs are all performed by one person, with one voice, and one set of strings. I’ve stuck to original songs by artists who are still active, so that in theory, if any of these catch your fancy, you might be able to catch a live performance. Excuse the duplicate with one of Don’s previous [...] Read more »
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A Packing List Mixtape

We’re about to embark on our three-week March Tour, which features stops in two foreign countries (Canada and Texas). Excitement for the trip mingles with trepidation over the daunting process of packing up. This mixtape zeroes in on the most characteristic mainstay items on our respective packing lists. Dave 1. enormous travel mug of tea [...] Read more »
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