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Iron Horse Show Review — UMass Daily Collegian

Of course, they played the two songs they were releasing that evening. “The Ancestor” was a folk-rock march bolstered by unison vocals and an immediate classic Darlingside hook, while “The Woods” was a galloping, Bloc Party-esque whirlwind complete with lush harmonies and a positively Baroque breakdown. […] more »
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Lily Pad Show Review — Allston Pudding

Darlingside definitely sounds like a band that is realizing their collective vision. Every member of the quintet is a solid instrumentalist, and they seem very comfortable being on stage and playing together, which is a surprisingly rare thing. […] more »
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The Ancestor 7″

We are thrilled to announce our second digital/vinyl pre-release: The Ancestor 7″. There are two new tracks on the 7″: ‘The Ancestor’ on Side 1 and ‘The Woods’ on Side 2. It marks the second of three pre-releases leading up to the full Pilot Machines album in July. Many thanks to all of the Pilot [...] Read more »
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“The Woods” Review — Sirens of Decay

“The Woods” is a beautiful marriage of 60′s and 70′s pop and aBoy/War era U2 guitar work; the track is wrapped in the same kind of nuance that I’ve grown to love from the band. They seem to know just how low and how high to go – this is not a band that is [...] Read more »
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Music Video Premiere– Direct Current Music

New track — and eyepopping video from animator Erik Tostevin premiering here — “The Woods” sprints (literally!) on an intricate guitar lines and insistent backbeat, another sterling example of Darlingside’s artful, cinematic music we’ve described as “meticulously arranged with orchestral flair” from an album “brimming with smarts and ambition.” Read the full article
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Live Blog Videos — The Music in the Attic

Seeing the five of them sing together is a spiritual transformation for everyone in the room. After this session, I can’t wait to experience what the full live show is like. Read and watch here
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“Still” Review — Striker Bill

Described as “string-rock,” the band combines clever instrumentation with poppy arrangements and smart, literate songwriting… Read the full write-up
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