Past Press

"Pitch-perfect four-part harmonies and impassioned acoustic chops"

C-Ville.com, 11/14/13 (Full Article)

"The music [...] is a rich, authentic blend that’s warm, a touch bitter and more than a little addictive."

The Concord Monitor, 12/5/12 (Full Article)

"It is hard to simply call Darlingside an indie band, or folk rock band, as the music in Pilot Machines transcends normal music reviewer label language [...] they manage to bring a unique sound to the familiar style."

Music Savage (blog), 10/6/12 (Full Article)

"The band’s sweeping sound features phenomenal vocals, crisp instruments, and surprising musical turns."

The Deli Magazine (online), 8/8/12 (Full Article)

"[...] simultaneously innovative and backward-looking"

The Portland Phoenix, 7/11/12 (Full Article)

"Darlingside are doing something new in pop music [...] ground the Beach Boys, Beatles, Joni Mitchell, Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Talking Heads, Prince, Phish and Radiohead didn’t cover"

The Boston Herald, 6/21/12 (Full Article)

"[...] a spiritual transformation for everyone in the room."

The Music in the Attic (blog), 4/10/12 (Full Article)

"Darlingside is based in New England, but its lineage includes California pop harmonies, Appalachian root riffs, and classical arrangements all shadowing that full-on American mongrel we call rock music."

N.H.P.R. (radio), 1/19/12 (Full Transcription)

"Grin-worthy lyricism and rock showmanship, woven through stunning virtuoso string performance"

iBerkshires.com, 8/15/11 (Full Article)

"A happy place between indie rock and folk [...] powerhouse vocals, dreamy harmonies, dominating cello and violin interjections and good ol' fashion guitar picking."

— Origivation Magazine, 12/26/10 (Full Article)

"Immensely talented—each of them contributes noteworthy vocals, their production value is simple yet effective, and their lyrics are spot-on"

Stereo Subversion (online), 12/1/10 (Full Article)

"Folky in a way that occurs when you gather that many hollow-bodied instruments together, Darlingside manages to make it abundantly clear that they’ve got their roots just as much in classic rock as they do in ... well, roots."

Dig Boston, 11/19/10 (Full Article)

"One aes­thetic, aston­ish­ingly more con­gru­ent than the sum of its parts. [...] Darlingside’s sound doesn’t fit cleanly (or even approximately) into any of the numerous hip subgenres in vogue today."

The Ampeater Review (online), 11/9/10 (Full Article)

Album Artwork

Pilot Machines (2012)
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